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Share experience and learn from and with colleagues - SimplSwiss offers its users and anyone interested extensive options for continuous professional development. SimplSwiss courses are offered with and without live surgeries. All information about our courses can be found under "contact the SimplSwiss Service Centre directly".

Educational courseTake a theoretical and hands-on course for implants placement
Second stage
With the help of an expert dentist-implantologist conduct the consultation and treatment planning for the doctor's patient

Third stage
Conduct a live surgery including implants placement with the assistance of an expert dentist-implantologist 


 During East European Congress of Dental Implantation which took place in great city Lviv in Ukraineat 10th March U-implSwitzerland GmbH and Geistlich AG organized workshop at theme:

Developing a predictable technique for GBR around Simpl Swiss implants


Istvan Urban (Hungary)


Istvan Urban (Hungary)

Graduate from Semmelweis University of Dentistry in Budapest 
Graduate from Semmelweis University of Medicine in Budapest
Postgraduate education: Full- time staff member at the department of oral surgery at St.Istvan Hospital in Budapest .

Completeted an internship program in Periodontics at the University of California, Los  Angeles  (UCLA)

Graduate from the fellowship program in Implant Dentistry at Loma Linda University, USA

 Adjunct assistant professor of restorative dentistry at Loma Linda University,  California,  where he teaches implant dentistry at the graduate level and to private  practitioners through university- based dental education. He actively takes part in the University's scientific  research initiatives. 

- Possesses an active licensees in dentistry also in California.
- Leads his own dental surgery practice in Budapest specializing in comprehensive implant   therapy, with a   focus on aesthetic/cosmetic dentistry, plastic surgery,bone reconstruction, dental implants and natural  teeth.


Guided bone regeneration around Simpl Swiss implants 


Periimpant defects: classification and augmentation

Logical instrument setup and instrumentation for the surgical procedure.  Flap design and management for bone augmentation procedures. Implant placement into ridge defect.

Bone harvest from mandible with bone scraper.

Classification of bone grafting materials, optimal material choice

Horizontal defect treatment with bone sandwich bone augmentation technique, placement of collagen membrane, periosteal suturing technique for graft immobilization. 

Double layer suturing technique.


Course was performed with bone substitutes and collagen membranes of Geistlich Biomaterials and dental implants SimplSwiss 



Thank you for visiting our booth at the East European Congress of Dental Implantation in Lviv. Attached you will find photos from exhibition.






           Krzyzstof Awillo

                         Clinical aspects of using              

                         oxide zirconium technologies with  

                              Simpl Swiss implants


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