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The U-impl Switzerland Company was founded in 2008. The Company's Headquarters is situated in Biel, Switzerland.
Its main areas of business are the manufacturing and marketing of dental implants. The U-impl Switzerland Company cooperates actively with leading scientists, doctors and engineers on a world level. One of the fruits of this cooperation is the innovative product that was presented in 2010 -- "Simpl Swiss" Dental Implant System. All the components of the "Simpl Swiss" implant system are manufactured solely in Switzerland by leading plants, which ensure the highest quality of our products. Therefore "Simpl Swiss" implements the best of the world's up-to-date implantology.
In 2010 the Company was certified ISO 9001:2008 ISO 13485:2003 «Quality management for medical devices» and obtained the CE Certificate for "Simpl Swiss" products in «Dental Implants and Abutments, Class II b» category.
The U-impl Switzerland Company participates actively in international scientific conferences, seminars, exhibitions, related to dental implantation. Furthermore, the Company participates in charitable programs. The U-impl Switzerland provides every 10th implant for the doctors -- the Company's clients - free of charge.
The Company's main goal is attaining a high quality of product and this has been made possible due to adherence to high Swiss standards of product manufacturing process control at all its stages!

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